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Egg War

This is the result of the April 2016 Epic Jam, the theme was: "Don’t put all your eggs in one basket", a theme able to inspire many ideas, particularly when it comes to gameplay. I decided to do a breakfast war, where white eggs fight brown eggs, they get power-ups by eating cereals and they use magic wands to fight and build a base! Off course! Each round the player has to divide the eggs in two baskets (which I didn’t model :| ), one of which is going to explode, feeding the survival eggs with new power in a silly moment of terror.
I was not able to complete the game 100%, but it was playable. The camera was a big problem, because it hides the enemy to the player, making hard to intercept them. Once again I put too many mechanics in the game, the base organization had to be simpler, maybe by dividing the building and fighting phases.


The strongest point of the game is the expressions of the eggs, the "baskets phase" display their look really well. The idea of commanding a whole army is something I will probably explore again in the future, some games like Oklos tried already successfully.
This game remains a really hard egg to crack, it's too hard and all the placeholders don't help the overall look. Download it if you like, read the tutorial carefully and start by building defense towers!