About Me

Cutest War

I developed this game for the May 2014 Epic Jam. The theme was "Cat vs Dogs" and I just included it in the game with not a lot of imagination, the gameplay is always moving my games and basing the gameplay on a theme is a hard task. I made several versions of pong, it's a simple enough game that I use it to test or learn new programs. Classic games of the Atari era have the strength of the simplicity by their side, each one of the games has the strength to be a genre by itself, with just a sprinkle of polish old games can be a complete experience, just look at "PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+" ! I'm still trying to find the right match for a revamped atari experience and for the jam I tried to combine Pong and Arkanoid in a competitive 1 vs 1 local experience.


Looking back to it, the game is a mess. To test it I created an AI that came out so well that is nearly impossible to beat, but the game is too confusing to start with, too many balls to control and is impossible to understand when you are winning or loosing due to the confusion. The bright side: the ai is good, and I decided to allow ai vs ai matches, the unnormalized audio and the colors of the games can make for a nice screensaver!
The mechanic of building the wall is nice but it needs a better implementation: it should be automatic, and more clues need to be added to show to the player how he/she is performing.
Yet I like the game, as expected, for its simplicity. Try it if you wish, just move up or down (W and S) and spam 1/2/3 to build the blocks!