About Me


I always had a strange connection with cubes, even my first game was all about cubes and in the middle of 2014, I decided to make yet another game featuring cubes, this time with a procedurally generated labyrinth, full of (literally, random) colors. It was designed as a "Zen game" a genre that was coming out in that period. It was a simple game aimed at mobiles devices.
It was developed with Unity, more than enough for such a simple game, the versatility, and simplicity of unity are perfect for a game of this scope. Many successful mobile games rely heavily on a strong game cycle, I was aiming for something similar, but way more light, it was aimed to be some kind of fidget game to keep the mind busy in dead moments.

The arrows point the movement's direction, W will always rotate the cube on the blue arrow.

There was still no win condition in the game, I aimed for a zen aesthetic and a smooth gameplay, everything else was not important. As the first test of the game was playable, a major flow appeared, IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ORIENTATION IN THE GAME! The background is flat, all the colors are flat, and the player can move from many different perspectives, it's incredibly hard to understand where the player is going to move, I tried to position some arrow around the player's cube, but it was just a fix. Some landmarks and a touch input would have probably worked for the game, but at that point, I dropped the project.
The basic of the game was too complex for the level of difficulty I was aiming for. As for all the games I developed, I would love to go back to it and reiterate, the premise was good.