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Epic Jam Spring 2018 : Kiowo Alchemy

I was used participating often in Epic's Jams and after a long abstention, just when I needed, Epic organize the Spring Jam 2018. In just a couple of hours, I organize what was going to be a five-day sprint of development. My goal was to practice with some 3D graphics and test some idea, the theme "Transformation" was a perfect fit for those ideas, so I was able to start working as soon as the jam started.

The creation of the original kiowo in Blender.

The base mechanic of the game was the creation of little monsters, called Kiowo (a similar Korean word means "cute"), by mixing together flowers and commanding them as a small army around the level. As I was developing the game entire mechanics of the game were cut down to match the time of the jam, and only the flowers remained into the game. The power of each Kiowo is determined by the order and mix of the flowers selected when a Kiowo is created.

The attack animation and the complete level.

The environment was the biggest achievement of the game, done in just a couple of days it matches the original design. The aspect of the game is close to what I was looking for, but as the jam was coming to an end, I still needed to finish many mechanics of the game, all the audio, and polish everything, so I was not able to finish in time, but I kept developing the game for an additional week and here is the final version:


Even if I didn't complete the game in time, it was a worth experience, usually, I complete the mechanics of the game to then find myself without the time to complete the graphic, this time I switched the attention around and I ended up with the same result XD. This jam proved one important point: "Develop everything as if it's the final version", a rule that I may even apply outside of the jams.

The face components of the kiowos and the first attempt to attack, a laser of hundreds attack came out!

You can download and try the game by yourself, hope you enjoy it!


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