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Development Blog 4 - Physical Animations

I'm working on a game that involves a great deal of physical interaction with the enemies. Unreal Engine 4 has an experimental feature that allows me to achieve this result: Physical Animations, these allow the animations to be driven by a runtime physical simulation rather than a prerecorded animation, allowing more dynamic/realistic results. Being a fan of physical simulations, I knew that I was delving into hell, but now that I'm here, it's hotter than I expected but way more fun too!

...the first time the prototipe worked as intended.

Working with an "experimental feature" it's risky, and it's easy to find many aspects in needs of polish, but what I want to achieve is somehow sickening, because not only I want physical animations, but I want them to be part of the game mechanics too: by losing an arm the enemy will behave differently, and the whole arm has to be simulated as the enemy keeps moving normally, mixing everything together is... hard.

So, today I finally got the first prototype working "as expected", that means I can start layering the actual game on top of the tech. Hope I'll be able to show you something soon! ;)

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